Beautyelly is a women’s clothing brand committed to build an incredible community where women can move forward in confidence, comfort, and style. We are more than just a brand. We aim to inspire confidence in our customers when it comes to how they dress and present themselves.

Our designs are classic and elegant which can fit different body shapes and sizes. We are making every effort to enable women feel comfortable and empowered in what they wear. Our hope is to be the brand which can accompany you at every important moment.

Customer service is our top priority. We value nothing more than the satisfaction and happiness of our customers. We hope that you can enjoy your journey on Beautyelly. 

If you have any question or concern, please do not hesitate to contact us.


TEL : SMS: (626) 328-7785 (This number only accept SMS, phone call is invalid)
Adress: Room 102, Building 680, Guangxin Road, HuangPu District,Guangzhou  (This is NOT for Return)
Note: This is not the return address for returned item. If you need to return the item, please Contact us. If the returned item is shipped to this address, it will not be accepted. Thanks for your understanding.